ZEI–EB110 Burla Alarm System

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  • With the Zeisic  Home Alarm System protecting your home, apartment or small business has never been so easy and affordable. The pack contains all you need for a complete  alarm system. Simply connect the Anti-Intrusion Siren to the Keypad Control Panel via the included cable and connect to power. Then position the wireless battery powered PIR motion sensors and window / doorway sensors and you’re protected.
  • The Zeisic Home  Alarm System comes with 2 remote controls for arming and disarming the alarm with ease or simply enter your selected passcode into the control unit keypad knowing the 30-second arming delay will allow you to exit and enter without triggering the alarm. If you are broken into Alarm System will emit an ear piercing 110db+ siren. For additional security, place the included 8 window stickers in full view to send a strong message to potential burglars.
  • Choose the Zeisic Home Alarm System to protect your loved ones, home or business. It really is advanced security made easy!

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